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Clean your Carpets

Regular Vacuum is not enough to keep your Carpets in good condition throughout their life.
That is because regular vacuum cleaners are unable to reach down and lift the dirt and residue.
So what happens to that dirt?
It stays there, helping to contaminate the atmosphere of your home or office. This dirt and grit will also cut into your carpet, reducing its life.
Fibrecare’s qualified and experienced technicians are able to give you a thorough professional deep carpet clean. We use the latest technology, with a customised approach. We’ll approach your carpets like they were our own, and give them the best deep cleaning possible.

Our System

The Fibrecare system cleans right down to the depth of the pile, removing dirt, grease and oily residues. This leaves your carpet as if it had just come from the factory.

Step 1. First of all a thorough vacuum takes place removing grit and loose dirt
Step 2. FIBRECARE’s special formula of cleaning detergents and deodorisers are pre-sprayed on to your carpet.
Step 3. This solution is mechanically agitated to prevent over wetting that can be caused by other systems.
Step 4. Then using the latest high-powered spray extraction system, we rinse the carpet clean. This removes all dirt and chemicals, leaving your carpets p.h. neutral.
In the Rinse there are conditioners to make your carpet nice and soft and Bactericide to kill any germs present.

Fibrecare services include

To get a quotation  simply call Fibrecare’s carpet cleaning office today. Give us a rough idea of your room sizes or the areas you are thinking about having cleaned. We will  work an estimate based on your information. We will then make an appointment for one FIBRECARE’s skilled technicians to call at your convenience. On Arrival we will carry out a site survey, discuss any stains and furniture moving. Once we have all the details we can give you the exact price. Once agreed we will carry out the work for you there and then.

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