Fleas, Carpet Beetle and Moths

These are common pests in our homes and cause damage that could escalate if the problem is not rectified with Fibrecare’s insect treatment as soon as possible.

The first signs of Insect problems

Normally the first sign of moth will be what looks like small grains of rice at the edges of the carpet or behind a cabinet that hasn’t been moved for a while.

It is important that you act quickly, as the pesky little things will multiply quicker than rabbits, so the sooner you deal with the problem the better.

The Solution

Fibrecare recommend that the carpets are professionally cleaned thoroughly throughout your home, moving every bit of furniture, to ensure all areas have been cleaned, inside cupboards and everywhere sprayed with Fibrecare’s Insect treatment. It is important that all areas are treated, even if you haven’t seen the insects everywhere.

It is also a good idea to check in the loft and any other areas that any stored carpets are disposed of as these will attract the insects.

Areas Covered For Fibrecare Insect Treatment

We cover East Sussex and Southern Kent Areas, and normally can deal with problems at short notice.

Call us on 0800 371657 to discuss the problem further and an estimate of cost