Excellent Quality at a reasonable price.  Fibrecare carpet cleaners Hailsham.

Carpet Cleaning Hailsham

  • Carpet Cleaning Hailsham is a Family Business with years of experience.
  • Fibrecare Carpet Cleaning Hailsham’s system gives you the perfect clean every time.
  • Training and years of experience, fibrecare can restore your carpets to their former glory
  • Reasonable Prices, Free Telephone Estimate
  • environmentally friendly cleaning products specially selected and used
  • Stain Removal inc in the price*
  • Furniture moved*, cleaned under and replaced on coasters

We have cleaned thousands of carpets throughout  Hailsham and surrounding areas since our business was formed.

At FIBRECARE Carpet Cleaning Hailsham we clean right down to the depth of the pile.

Our System removes dirt, grease and oily residues to leave your carpet as if it had just come from the factory

  • FIBRECARE pre-spray our Special formula of cleaning detergents and deodorizers on to your carpet.
  • Mechanical agitation also helps lift the pile if your carpets are looking flat and lifeless.
  • Stains removed with our army of stain removers*
  • Using the latest high-powered spray extraction system, carpets are rinsed clean, removing all dirt and chemicals.
  • Fibrecare always leave your carpets and upholstery p.h. neutral.
  • Rinse contains Bactericide to kill any germs that may be present, also conditioners that make carpets nice and soft when they are dry.

Fibrecare Carpet Cleaning Hailsham Services also include:-

Environmental friendly and safe

fibrecare only use the best eco-friendly materials to protect the environment because this produces

  1. Healthier home and family
  2. less risk to operatives and clients
  3. does not leave strong odors
  4. minimise Fibrecare carbon footprint
  5. Reduce damage to the environment caused from toxic materials

Trustworthy and Honest Service :

  • Directly employed, fully trained and CRB checked.( we do NOT use sub contractors)
  • Work to a strict code of conduct
  • Fully insured, including treatment risk
  • All abide by Fibrecare’s famous service pledge. 
  • All carry id, Uniformed and arrive in sign written van

Fibrecare Carpet Cleaning Hailsham are Full members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association and The Buy with Confidence scheme run by trading standards.

Call Fibrecare Carpet Cleaning Hailsham on 01323 417369 For A FREE Quote Now

  • furniture can only moved when practical and not to heavy for one person to move. Also furniture needs to empty or clear of anything that may fall over and get broken when moved.
  • Even though I can guarantee we try our best to remove stains, Fibrecare can NOT guarantee we can remove all stains and odours.