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lady trying to remove a stain from the carpet
Clean up spills and marks as they appear

Caring for your carpets is important. A new wool carpet will last longer and look better if a routine of regular vacuuming, periodic cleaning and immediate removal of spots and spills is followed. A few simple things can help with caring for your carpets. Very little equipment is required to maintain a carpet well. A good vacuum cleaner is essential as well as a small box of supplies – including carpet shampoo, dry cleaning fluid and clean absorbent cloths or paper tissues to remove spills. Continue reading

10 point guide to caring for your carpets

10 Point Carpet Care Guid

Carpet care is important for your expensive carpets. Follow our 10 point guide to carpet care to keep your carpets looking good for longer.

  • When new carpet is laid, always let the carpets settle for a couple of days before vacuuming.
  • Once carpet has settled for a couple of days start vacuuming lightly and refrain from anything to fierce continue reading
the History of Carpets

The History of Carpets

Many centuries ago, shepherds began knotting wool into heavy woven cloth. These heavy cloths were developed into rugs that provided protection from the elements. Whether the first rugs were made in the Middle East or Siberia is not clear, but it is clear that over the centuries, rug making changed from a craft to a fine art form. The patterns, vibrant colours, and many knots per square inch produced beautiful rugs.

These early artisans showed amazing skill and ingenuity in designing, dyeing, and producing continue reading

How a carpet is constructed

Woven Carpets

Woven carpets, like Oriental rugs were originally made of wool and derive their names from the location in which they were made. Now woven carpets are also constructed of nylon, acrylic, or blends, but still feature extremely dense pile on closely woven backing.  Woven carpet has pile, weft and warp yam interlaced on a loom.

This general method allows for extremely versatile design and a variety of textures.  Axminster carpets were originally made in Axminster, England and are characterized by heavy backings made from jute, cotton or man-made that form lengthwise ribs.  These carpets have a smooth cut-pile surface.  Many hotel chains, theatres, pubs and clubs use Axminster carpet, in the UK and around the world.  Wilton rugs are woven rugs that feature a variety of surface textures continue reading

The People of Brighton and Hove
The variety and diversity of its people and the pride in their carpets and upholstery

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Brighton and Hove

Carpet and upholstery cleaning in Brighton and Hove is an eventful time that starts with the variety and diversity of its people and the pride in their carpets and upholstery, to the lady with her cats to the Gay Pride Parade, Fibrecare certainly has its work cut dealing with stains and the restoration of their carpets and upholstery in the big city.

From Cleaning the Carpets in Grand Avenue offices glancing at the kite surfing across the road in January to overlooking the Sussex County Cricket Club on a hot day in July whilst successfully cleaning a three piece suite, next week I have to Clean curtains in Brighton Marina continue reading