10 important points for caring for your Carpet

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10 important points on caring for your carpet

Follow the 10 point guide below to help you keep your carpets in good condition. They should last you for years if you look after them:-

  1.  When new carpet is laid, always let the carpets settle for a couple of days before vacuuming.
  2. Once carpet has settled for a couple of days start vacuuming lightly and refrain from anything to fierce agitating the carpet.
  3. Apply a coat of Fibrecare’s DuPont Stainguard to the carpet. This will prevent the carpet from absorbing water and spirit based stains, allowing you to wipe off the surface before permanent damage is done.
  4. Always take your shoes off when walking on carpet, dirt and grit will damage your carpet.
  5. Try and make a rule not to eat or drink in areas that are carpeted.
  6. close curtains or blinds on areas of carpet that are subject to intense sunlight, this will help keep carpets from fading
  7. Always vacuum carpet regularly, move furniture periodically to ensure insects do not establish themselves behind.
  8. Blot up spillages as they occur, if needed apply proprietary shampoo (foam only) to spillage after blotting to remove marks. Never ever scrub or rub carpet. If in doubt call Fibrecare 0800 371657 and we will send out an expert to attempt to remove the stain.
  9. Most Carpet manufactures recommend having your carpets cleaned every year, in fact most manufacturers will void warrantees if correct maintenance patterns are not adhered to. Always clean your carpet every year at least. If you can se dirt in it, it means the fibres are saturated with dirt and sometimes if the carpet has got to dirty, it may not be possible to clean.
  10. Re-apply Fibrecare DuPont Stainguard every time you have your carpet cleaned.


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