Wedding dress cleaning

For a Superior Wedding Dress Cleaning and boxing service

Your wedding Dress represents many wonderful memories of your most special day, a cherished memento to pass down as an heirloom to your children and grandchildren. To protect your treasured possession, you’ll need a wedding dress preservation company to clean and safeguard it for generations to come.
Prevent your dress from yellowing over the years by cleaning and protecting with one of our special acid free boxes.
Wedding dresses can be cleaned and boxed in one of our beautiful hand made boxes or Into one of our budget range boxes.
Preserve Your dress to preserve the Memory.

Wedding dress cleaning to remove stains

The experts at Fibrecare’s Wedding dress Cleaning are specialists in Cleaning your special wedding dress. Whether removing stains,

Wedding dresses cleaned with care

At Fibrecare Wedding dress Cleaning, we treat each dress individually – thoroughly inspecting your dress for obvious (and not so obvious) spots or necessary repairs. We then photograph your dress from various angles for reference, and record images of any stains or areas of concern. Our expert stain remover evaluates stains individually, carefully spot-treating and gently loosening them before cleaning. Finally, depending on your gown’s care requirements, we’ll either wet clean your dress in gentle, eco-friendly detergents, or use our organic hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvent, which is non-corrosive to delicate beads and trim. Your wedding dress isn’t like any other garment, and Fibrecare wedding Dress cleaning will treat it as the beautifully unique piece that it is.

The final checks

After cleaning, we’ll inspect your dress thoroughly (again!) to ensure that all stains have been removed, that all trim is securely fastened. After inspection, your dress can be packed using acid-free, archival-quality Museum Quality packaging materials, and boxed in one of our beautiful hand made boxes that has been specially made to your requirements with a selection of patterns. With the correct preservation processes like those offered by Fibrecare, you can ensure your dress stays beautiful for generations to come.

We also clean, restore and box the following:

  • Shoes or slippers
  • Handbags and purses
  • Grooms suit and tails
  • Hats and fascination’s
  • Prom dresses
  • Brides made dresses

Fibrecare are fully trained and fully insured. Our special cleaning environment is specially designed to ensure that your dress is cleaned effectively, efficiently and safely.

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