Protect your patio and driveways from spills and stains with Fibrecare DuPont Stone Protector

Dupont Stone Guard
For new and cleaned Patio’s, Driveways and stone work Fibrecare DuPont Stone protector will Keep them looking good for longer1litre pack size makes 10ltrs product treatment for 60-100 sq mtrs£ 75.00+ postage and packing

Fibrecare DuPont™Stone protector is a cationic aqueous fluorochemical that provides a durable, non-film forming, transparent protective barrier against oil and water on porous mineral surfaces.

Fibrecare Fibrecare DuPont™ Stone protector is especially for low-porosity stone, unglazed tile, grout, terra cotta, concrete and brick.

Fibrecare DuPont™ Stone protector repels stains

Fibrecare DuPont™ Stone protector oil and water repellent, stain resistance, and easy stain clean up.

The results of repelancy based on DuPont™ tests are as follows:

Treatment Oil Repellency Water Repellency Stain Resistance
Fibrecare DuPont™Stone Guard excellent excellent excellent
Silicone (aqueous) poor excellent poor to good
Untreated none none very poor

Applications and formulating instructions

Fibrecare DuPont Stone protector is in Concentrate form and is diluted 1 ltr of product to 9 ltrs of water.
Fibrecare DuPont Stone protector should be sprayed on to your stone with a pressure sprayer using a fine jet.
1 ltr will cover aprox 30 to 50 sq metres depending on absorbency.

Typical Properties

Appearance Clear to slightly hazy,
yellow liquid
Stability Stable at normal temperatures
Perishable if frozen
pH 4–6
Active Solids, % 24–26
Density, g/mL 1.106
Flash point (closed cup), °C (°F) Not flammable
Boiling Point, °C (°F) ~100 (~212)
Freezing Point, °C (°F) ~0 (~32)