25% off Duvet Cleaning with a free Breathable Duvet BagDuvet Cleaning with a Free Storage Bag

Keep your duvets fresh and hygienically clean

Have your duvet laundered clean every 6 Months to keep them fresh and hygienically clean.
This will ensure that all dust mites and bed bugs are eliminated. These types of parasites can cause adverse reactions to allergy sufferers.

Fibrecare Duvet Cleaning expertly cleaned and dried  in our large capacity machines to Clean, sanitize, and deodorized.
We can even do that in the same day,  if you bring it in early enough.
All duvets come back to you in a luxury Professional duvet bag and ready for you to put back on your bed.

Types of Duvet Cleaning:

  • Fibre
  • Feather,
  • Hollow Fibre
  • Goose down

Fibrecare’s Duvet cleaning Service will Guarantee to clean your duvet safely, effectively and using environmentally friendly detergents.

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