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Quality service at a reasonable price, Fibrecare Dry Cleaners.

Free Delivery and Collection by Fibrecare Dry Cleaning Brighton and Hove

Fibrecare Dry Cleaning Brighton and Hove offer a comprehensive Curtain cleaning service. Let us take your curtains down, dry clean, re deliver and re hang your curtains. If needed we can also do your nets and even clean your inside windows.

Let us collect your Dry Cleaning in Brighton and Hove. Fibrecare’s fully comprehensive Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service can collect, Clean and re-deliver back to you at your convienience.

All items that pass through our shop are carefully inspected, pre-treated for stains, dry cleaned or Laundered and hand finished at a reasonable price.

All our staff are fully trained and we carry full insurance.

Wedding Dress Service in Brighton and Hove

Wedding Dresses can be collected from you. We will inspect and price, and ring you with all the information.

Once you have agreed with the job, we will restore it back to its former glory. We also have a vast selection of beautiful wedding dress boxes that your dress can be boxed and stored wrapped in Acid free paper.

Services Offered in Brighton

Call Dry Cleaning Brighton and Hove to arrange a collection on 01273 317382